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Their mission was this: to find all the missing numbers around the school and identify them as odd or even numbers. So fifteen Year 3 and Year 4 pupils in dark glasses began staking out the school corridors searching for mysterious odd and even numbers. They hunted high and low even using magnifying glasses to spot rogue numbers on clocks and underneath intricate art work.

It was a dangerous task, they had to be stealthy and quiet so as not to scare the numbers away as well as ensuring that they didn’t bump into the OFSTED inspectors that were in school that day!

All the number detectives were victorious in compiling their numbers and reported back as to how many they had found and how they were able to work out which numbers were odd and which were even (and they had lots of fun too!)

This work reminded me once again of the power of being ‘in role’. Once the children had their dark glasses and their invisible magnifying glasses they had a genuine curiosity about finding and compiling the numbers and because the stakes were high (they had to return the missing numbers to the number kingdom), there was a heightened urgency to the task.

Have a look at our short film to see what happened……

Number Quest from MakeBelieve Arts on Vimeo.