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Kings Number Warm Up

After two sessions, we realised that one of the biggest challenges for some of the children in the group was writing down numbers and ensuring that the numbers themselves were the correct way around. We used our story of the King and Queen of number to create a number warm up that involved the entire group making the number shapes with their arms and bodies. We had to ensure that the facilitator was facing the same way as the children so that he was modelling the correct number shape in the right direction!

Shine a Light on Maths Part 2 from MakeBelieve Arts on Vimeo.

Teaching the King to count accurately

A key skill in mathematics for the Year 3/4 was to be able to count accurately and we were able to play with this idea by creating a scene between the King and Queen of number trying desperately to check that they had 20 pencils for their 20 secretaries to send out party invitations.

The most effective part of this scene was that we were able to then ask the class to be our ‘experts’ on counting accurately. One brave volunteer decided to show us exactly how to do it by counting the object as it was placed on the table to ensure accuracy. The children were then able to use this model of effective counting in future workshop sessions and refer back to what they had seen.

Shine a Light on Maths Part 1 from MakeBelieve Arts on Vimeo.